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Why Become A Travel Agent?

Join a Thriving Industry

If you thought travel agents were becoming obsolete, think again. The travel agent industry has been steadily growing for years and isn't showing signs of slowing down.

Build Your Own Schedule

Being a travel agent means you can decide how much time you want to devote to your business. Half of all travel agents only work part-time, meaning you won’t have to quit your day job.

Work for Yourself

This is truly your business. From creating your own business name and identity to deciding which customers you work with and what trips to sell, becoming a travel agent gives you the opportunity to work for yourself.

How it Works

Once you register as an independent travel agent in your state, you're able to book hotels, cruises, tours, and more for any clients. Vendors typically give travel agents a commission that ranges from 10-20% of the price of the trip. In order to claim that income, you book with a special code or through a portal. 

Benefits of a Host Agency

Joining a host agency will get you exclusive access to higher commission and exclusive supplier promotions. You also gain access to back-end support and can connect with other home-based agents across America. 

Learn more about host agencies.


Renee started her agency with a sense of adventure and a desire to share it with others. With the support of Travel Quest Network, Renee has found her niche and has worked to continuously focus on and grow it.

“I feel part of a family, a community of like-minded people that are all there to see each other succeed, and you don’t get that very often.”

Julie Arend, member since 2015

About Travel Quest Network 

Travel Quest Network is one of the fastest-growing host agencies in America. We built our program specifically for travel professionals who want to thrive.  

We're dedicated to training our members and helping them get their business off the ground. That's why we offer our JumpStart program with no monthly  cost to help you in the beginning stages of your travel career.  See Our Plans

As a member of Travel Quest Network, you’ll get access to tons of free classes, courses, and industry specialization programs at a deeply discounted rate.

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